Odette Cressler

Spreading Kindness

Odette Cressler
Spreading Kindness

Choosing love and spreading kindness is the only answer - especially when people around us are struggling. This short episodes focuses on 31 things that you can do to be kind today. Why is it so much easier to judge others than to serve them? Tune in and listen in on what you can do to help others have a brighter week (and in turn, you will, too!). 


31 KIND things you can do TODAY:

  1. Ask your spouse, roomate or coworker if there is anything you can for them to lighten their day’s load.

  2. Leave a positive review for a business you frequent.

  3. Tell someone that they are doing a great job today.

  4. Exchange a smile with everyone (do your best!) you exchange glances with at the grocery store.

  5. Compliment someone who you know will be caught off guard by it.

  6. Bring an extra coffee to your meeting, offer it to anyone who is rushing/late or could simply use a cup of coffee.

  7. Thank someone for being in your life.

  8. Leave a note in someone’s desk/drawer for them to find it later.

  9. Open the door for someone.

  10. Make conversation with your uber driver.

  11. Follow up with a friend who was brave enough to share a struggle with you, ask her/him how they’re doing.

  12. Look at people in the eye when they are talking to you, listen, smile...and don’t you dare reach for your phone.

  13. Leave a nice comment on someone’s instagram post.

  14. Pray for someone.

  15. Leave a book that you already read and that you really enjoyed on a bench for someone else to find.

  16. Drive nicely.

  17. That juicy and gossipy conversation that you can’t wait to have with your friends after work - skip it.

  18. Reach out to someone who is challenging to you and wish them a good day.

  19. Ask someone if they need a hug.

  20. Go through your closet and donate all the things that you don’t even wear anymore.

  21. Make an effort to get to know a coworker a little better.

  22. If you have any dinner leftovers, take them to your neighbor.

  23. Ask the cash register at the store how their day is going.

  24. Visualize love.

  25. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, listen while they update you on their life.

  26. Offer to bring dinner to a friend who just had a baby/just moved into a new house or just started a new job.

  27. Invite a friend to a yoga class.

  28. Wash the dishes for someone.

  29. Encourage a friend who is having a hard time believing in themselves. 

  30. Forgive someone.

  31. Mail a card to a friend.

Pick one thing from the list for the next seven days!