Odette Cressler

Recovery Habits for NON Addicts

Odette Cressler
Recovery Habits for NON Addicts

Hola Tribe!

I am particularly excited today since I'm posting this episode ON TIME (I've been behind the last few weeks!). Today I am chatting about recovery habits for non addicts. I get a ton of questions around recovery from people who aren't necessarily struggling with hard core addiction so I figured a show on this would be fitting. I share six recovery habits that I personally think anyone can benefit from. So long as you want to raise the quality of your life, this episode is for you! 


6 Recovery Habits from Non Addicts

  1. Practice Gratitude

  2. Find and Trust a Higher Power

  3. Find Your Community

  4. Serve Others

  5. Make time for SELF CARE!

  6. Take Self-Inventory