Photo Dump: Japan

I am jet lagged and full of to do's but I had to sit down and upload some of my favorite pictures from our trip to Japan. What an amazing adventure! Throughout the entire trip, I felt particularly thankful for my coaching job that allowed me to really soak up two weeks with my family without being worried about work. I think this was the first time that I didn't come home stressed and overwhelmed from the thought of having to reincorporate myself to a job where I would feel "behind". I always used to say I needed a vacation from my vacation since it felt like I was getting back into the rate race as soon as I set my foot back home. 

We are home for two weeks before heading out to Guadalajara (just Sienna and I) for Max's baby shower - and then, a week later, I fly out to Nashville for summit! I already feel like this month is going to go by super fast!

Anyways, back to Japan. The food was amazing. The views were amazing. We were most definitely outside of our comfort zone (100% language barrier) and exhausted on some days but it was 100% worth it.