Odette Cressler

New Month Rituals and Goal Setting

Odette Cressler
New Month Rituals and Goal Setting

Hey, Tribe!

Late but here it is!! I know that goal setting is something that not a lot of people get EXCITED about but I do believe that setting goals is a very important practice that we should all incorporate into our lives. Setting goals monthly has helped me become more productive and this always raises my confidence. In this week's episode I share some tips for new month goal setting, I hope you all enjoy the show. 


  • Pointers for goal setting:
    • Hand write your goals at the beginning of every month.
    • Keep your goal list at sight, read your goals once a day. 
    • Schedule your weeks to where you are taking action on your goals and making sure you are working towards reaching them.
    • Don't over evaluate yourself, focus on PROGRESS instead. 
    • Share goals with a friend.
    • Be EXCITED about your goals.
    • DREAM BIG!
    • Separate goals into negotiable and non negotiable. 
    • Set goals for all areas of your life.
    • Be Specific. 
  • Great resource on goals and discipline:
  • The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it -  Henry David T.