Just Start

I recently read in one my favorite blogs how it's not the fact that we don't have time to exercise that stops us from doing it. It's more about us choosing to not use the time that we have for an activity like exercise. It's harder. It takes convincing (how long do we sit there and contemplate if we even should workout?) and some days it even is scary. However, we do have time. We have the choice to make the time. 

We all start somewhere. There's no need to look around and feel ourselves get even more scared to make a change by analyzing how everyone else started or how their circumstances may or may not have been different than ours. Your journey is nobody's but your own. Just start. 

Fear is paralyzing. It never really goes away (we all have fears) but when it prevents us from making a choice or starting something, that's when it's lethal. That's when you may look back years from now and wonder why you never even started. 

Every time I have a challenger who is hesitant about starting a new program with me I remind them to just start. Every time self-doubt visits my mind I tell myself, just start. Every time I don't feel like getting up in the morning to workout I tell myself, just start. Every time excuses are made up (because we technically have very little reasons and very many excuses) I say, just start. 

And just like that, getting started, gets you ahead.