June Balance Bootcamp

Registration is now open for my June Balance Bootcamp!

I am allowing for early enrollment for all of you following my blog. Email me at: odette@theharmonytribe.com or fill out this application form to lock in your spot!

If you have been wondering what my challenge groups are all about and have been wanting to make a change, now is your time! These groups only require 30 minutes a day of moving your body (at home) and a once a day check in into my online accountability & support group. 

Get ready for summer. Get rid of your body's negative image. Challenge yourself to make a change. If I can, you can. 

Results are guaranteed and my coaching is unlimited and free once you're in. 

If you are tired of trying silly diets and don't have time to commit to long hours at the gym, this is for you. Let's work together to create and maintain healthy habits for each other and for those who are around us. 

Who's with me?