September's Health Bet!

I am super excited about my group kicking off in September! The dynamic of it all will be a little different than usual so I decided to write a blog post and explain a few things since I still have a few spots open. 

Here's the thing, I want to be that person that gets you results. I don't want to be another one of those things you tried that didn't work. If you are interested in changing habits that you feel like are ingrained in you, if you want to engage in self care but feel like you don't have the time (trust me, none of us have time!), if you have tried diets that have failed time after time, if you have a social life you don't want to give up yet you still want to get healthy, if you struggle with the number you see on the scale and if you're tired of hearing your negative self talk - THIS IS YOUR TIME. 

I 100% believe that everyone can do this if they commit to it, bring an open mind to the table and trust the process. Not to mention I will be right there by your side, pushing and providing daily motivation. 

The neat incentive about September is that you can actually *make* money while giving this whole thing a shot for 30 days. Anyone who enters my group and logs a certain number of activities every week will have a payout at the end. The pool is currently at about 1.5 million dollars and it's increasing every day (maximum pool will be 3 million). Once the final number is determined, the amount of money will be evenly distributed amongst the people who successfully logged all of their activities for the duration of the challenge (September 5th to October 2nd). Seriously? What is there to lose? You get results AND you get money! I don't see how this is not incentive enough for everyone. 

What is your excuse to not join? What stories do you keep telling yourself that are stopping you from committing to yourself, taking control of your life and health and just working towards a better you? Drop them all and take a leap of faith. Let's enter the holiday season that is approaching us by feeling good about ourselves. 


If you would like to enter my health bet group, please email me at, I'm looking for 5-10 who are ready to start believing in themselves. Everything is done at your own time and at home. The workouts vary as I set you up with a program that fits into your personal goals/needs, most of them are only 30 minutes long!

Who's with me?