Odette Cressler

Detaching From the Ego

Odette Cressler
Detaching From the Ego

Did you know that your relationship with the moment is a direct reflection of your relationship with LIFE? 

This week's episode of the podcast discusses how self-awareness can help us disengage from the ego. I first got introduced to my ego when I went to treatment for my eating disorder. I knew that negative self-talk was something that I struggled with and I wanted to learn tools to combat it. I learned that negative self-talk goes beyond addiction and it's something we all deal with since nobody is exempt of the ego. 

If you feel like you are up in your head a lot, stuck in the past or always longing for a "better future" - this episode will serve you! 


  1. A New Earth 
    • What is my relationship with the present moment?
    • Become alert and find the answer. Then do it again and again and again. 
    • The ego can't coexist with the present moment.
    • Be patient!
  2. When Things Fall Apart
  3. Headspace
  4. "Ego Takes Everything Personally." - Tolle