Full Time Coach

Change is scary. 

It's so nice to just stay in our comfort zones. However, if coaching has taught me anything it has most definitely been to get uncomfortable. To realize that although that state of uncomfortable-ness does not provide us with a sense of safety, it does provide us with one thing and that is growth. 

I put in my notice at my full time job. This was very hard for me to do as I actually really enjoy my job but it's time. I have been thinking about coaching full time for months now and I finally decided to commit to my decision. I find myself very excited but also very scared. Why? Because having a job outside of this feels safe. It feels secure and comfortable. Giving that feeling up is hard!

In the last couple of months, my coaches team has grown and I am ready to dedicate more time to my team and their success. I am also looking for more like-minded women who want to pursue coaching with us and finding the right ladies for our team takes time, I am looking forward to more time with my family and luckily this is a job that allows me to work my own hours and make my own schedule. I know that this is the path that I am meant to be on and after years of struggling with self worth, I believe that I deserve success and I am going to work for it. 

My goal is to change as many lives as I can. To help others realize and believe, that they too, deserve it all. 

The Harmony Tribe, this is just the beginning!