Meal Prep & Packed Lunches

I've mentioned on social media that meal prepping/lunch packing has become a weekly ritual for me.

I have such a busy schedule during the week that what works for me, is allocating 2-3 hours every Sunday to prep all of my lunches and most dinners for the upcoming week. And of course there are still days where I run across the street at work for a sandwich at lunch time, or I come home after a long shift and ask John to order thai takeout. However, I can safely say that probably 75% of the food that we eat during the week comes from home. I like knowing what I am fueling our bodies with, it's a good practice for myself and it has a positive ripple effect on my family (not to mention we definitely have been saving some money this way!).

When it comes to meal prepping, there are a couple of things that are consistently part of our weekly rotation. I always hard boil a dozen of eggs. grill a couple of chicken breasts, press and bake some tofu blocks, cook one cup of quinoa, make one batch of homemade balsamic vinagirette and roast two trays of vegetables (these vary). 

My days mostly consist of 4-5 meals every 3-4 hours and one of my meals (most of the time breakfast) is always shakeology. 

For lunches, I build either salads (give me all of the roasted vegetables in a salad!) or just simple starch + protein + veggie combos. Fruits, eggs, hummus and nuts are usually part of the snack department.

For dinners we also have a handful of staple meals that all of us at home like and that are easy for myself or John to assemble (I work long shifts so meals with long prepping times are not usually part of the work week for us). BBQ chicken on the grill with corn on the cob and broccoli, taco Tuesday with my homemade baked fajitas, stir fry with chicken sausage or teriyaki tofu with a side of brown rice and veggies or veggie burgers with avocado and roasted potatoes. I love experimenting with new recipes so a try to throw one in our weekly mix and I usually tend to that particular one on the evening that I get home the earliest from work. 

What do you have on your weekly lunch/meal rotation?