Odette Cressler

18 Ways to Protect Your Energy This Month

Odette Cressler
18 Ways to Protect Your Energy This Month

Hey Tribe! 

I've got another "list of" episode for you this week. December stirs up a lot of emotions for many of us, it's a time of a whole lotta love but also a lot of stress and anxiety. Do you feel that you end up feeling depleted by the end of the month? Do you feel like your needs are never met during the holiday season? Chime into the show to get some tips on maintaining your harmony during this time of year! 


1. HAVE FUN!!! 

2. Make a list of the 3 non negotiable items that you’d like to accomplish daily. Share them with whoever you are spending the holidays with and tell them it’s important for you to make time and space for these things.

3. Don’t engage in conversations that don’t align with your core values. (be kind about it!)

4. Remember that everyone is more sensitive during this time of year.

5. Keep an eye out for your triggers (if you don’t know what your triggers out, you can log about feelings).

6. Let go of expectations, of people of experiences. When you do this, you welcome in new experience vs sticking to a rigid outcome that is most likely invented by yourself.

7. Give yourself permission to rest. 

8. Engage in some sort of act of service.

9. Choose kindness.

10. Put your phone down often.

11. Express your needs and preferences, people can't be mind readers.

12. Celebrate the similarities vs focus on the differences.

13. Bring your toolbox with you.

14. Buy a gift for YOURSELF.

15. Unsubscribe from email lists that don’t serve you anymore.

16. Tell people how much they mean to you. Be the first one to say I love you.

17. Don’t take things personally.

18. Give thanks, give thanks, give thanks.

“Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind.”