A community rooted in balance.

About Odette



My name is Odette Cressler and I am the founder of The Harmony Tribe. I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico and I moved to San Diego five years ago. I live with my husband, our daughter Sienna and our dog Charlie. I am currently expecting our second babe! We love going to the beach, trying new restaurants, camping, traveling and enjoying the different neighborhoods in San Diego.


My recovery

I recovered from bulimia three and a half years ago. My struggle with self-worth lasted around a decade and after too many years of suffering I decided to finally seek treatment in 2013. It took a lot courage and it was definitely a tough battle but frankly, I was mentally and physically exhausted from this disease, enough to give recovery a shot. I have been at a healthy place with myself for a couple of years. Recovery isn’t perfect, I still have some days where I struggle but all in all, I’m happy to report I love myself and finally truly believe that I am worthy of love, happiness and a purposeful life.


To me, The Harmony Tribe is an extension of my recovery. It’s a movement that promotes and portrays everything that I have learned along my journey: balance, intuitive eating, self care, self worth, community, consistency, progress vs perfection, health, confidence, positive self beliefs, non scale victories and authenticity. I have been a coach for almost one year and my life has changed tremendously ever since. I am certain that I am fulfilling my life’s purpose with this project and I am excited to welcome anybody who is looking to change their life, for the better.