A community rooted in balance.

About Odette



My name is Odette Cressler and I am the founder of The Harmony Tribe. I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico and I moved to San Diego almost eight years ago. I live with my husband, our daughter Sienna, our son Max and our dog Charlie. We love going to the beach, trying new restaurants, camping, traveling and enjoying the different neighborhoods in San Diego.


My recovery

I recovered from an eating disorder five years ago ago. My struggle with self-worth lasted around a decade and after too many years of suffering, I decided to finally seek treatment in 2013. It took a lot courage and it was definitely a tough battle but frankly, I was mentally and physically exhausted from this disease, enough to give recovery a shot. Recovery isn’t perfect, I still have some days where I struggle but all in all, I’m happy to report I love myself and finally truly believe that I am worthy of love, happiness and a purposeful life. One of my favorite parts of what I do is connecting and helping people who have struggled in their relationship with food. Not everyone gets to the point where they develop an eating disorder, I've come to realize however, that shame-cycles around food are very common and even socially accepted. My wish is to help heal this relationship by providing tools that help establish a healthy mind-body connection. 


To me, The Harmony Tribe is an extension of my recovery. It’s a movement that promotes and portrays everything that I have learned along my journey: a shot at balance, intuitive eating, self care, self worth, community, consistency, positive habit building, health, confidence, non scale victories and authenticity. I have been a coach for almost three years and my life has changed tremendously ever since. I am certain that I am fulfilling my life’s purpose with this project. If you are looking to enhance your life and raise your standards, I am here for you!

Harmony looks very different for all of us. Get clear on what you want, be unapologetic about it, take ownership of your life and find your own harmony.